Sunday, August 12, 2007

Temples in Pattalung - Wat Phaksak

Wat Phaksak is a more remote temple in Pattalung, relatively deserted and not many buildings around. There were lots of mosquitoes and it was next to a forest. It used to be one of the more famous temples, but not many people know about it now. Above is the main Sala of the Wat.

A photo portrait of LP Dit, the founding abbot of Wat Phaksak who passed away in 2507 BE (1964) at the age of 86.

In another rundown Sala, there is an altar to 4 Buddha statues.

This small wiharn enshrines the statues of LP Dit and his successor Ajarn Daeng.

There is a green pond in the the temple with a standing Buddha statue partially submerged right in the middle of it. Their idea of the Buddha taking a bath?

This is one of LP Dit's cross-hand Phra Pidta. Very affordable antique amulet!

Wat Phaksak's new batch of Jatukam, Roon Kodapi Mahasettee. The front side is completely the same as the popular 2549 Kodsettee batch, but the back side is LP Dit's Pidta. But unlike the Kodsettee it is much more affordable. One can consider it the poor man's Kodsettee! The amulets here are cheap because of its location & also it is not that well-known. With that I left Pattalung and headed back home.


Ajahn said...

Hi Wayne,

You have done a wonderful job. Greatly appreciated what you have done.

Robin said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.

Would love your views on Amulets and Buddhism when u have time.

Anonymous said...

hi bro Wayne
I came across your blog and I like it. I have added it to my own blog at:

Thanks for sharing your views on buddhism.


Anonymous said...

Why is phra pidta closed his eyes ?
Who is he ? Is he the thai version of maitriya buddha ?

Wayne said...

Pidta closes his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, body and mind from all the negative influences outside. He is the Arahant Phra Kawampati.