Friday, August 31, 2007

Travels in Pattani - Wat Rai

On 25th August 2007 I made another trip to Pattani in Southern Thailand. Besides the usual temples I also went to Wat Rai this time. Wat Rai is a new temple which needed funds to build its Ubosot & other buildings. Above is the current abbot of Wat Rai, Ajarn Daeng. When I went there he was not around, but at Wat Phra Mahathat in NST to participate in a Jatukam consecration ceremony.
Ajarn Daeng's room & Wiharn.
A tall potrait of the late LP Poom, who was Ajarn Daeng's master. Notice the picture seemed to exudes a mystical aura.
The temporary Bot of Wat Rai. The main Buddha image venerated is called Phra Si Thep Sakya. Below is the statue of LP Poom. The green board on the floor shows the Arattana katha taught by LP Poom.
The eating room.
A venerated Banyan tree outside the temporary Bot.
The new Ubosot is still in construction.
The temple counter selling Ajarn Daeng's amulets as well as a whole lot of other stuff.
Ajarn Daeng's LP Tuad amulets as well as bullet shell takruts. They are excellent for protection. The Thai Army guys in the area like his takruts very much. Readers interested in getting some of these stuff can email me at

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