Saturday, August 11, 2007

Temples in Pattalung - Wat Kao Or

Wat Kao Or - arguably the most famous temple in Pattalung, it had been the centre of Puttakom arts of Southern Thailand for the past 120 yrs. Indeed many famous monks & white-robe Ajarns had come out of the temple. Ajarn Khun Phan, who passed away last year, was one such white-robe master. The driver told me the current abbot is a young monk in his 30s, but he was quite well-known for his skill in Puttakom already. Pity he was away on retreat when I went there.

Here is the Shrine to LP (Por Tan) Tongtao, the founding abbot of Wat Kao Or, who passed away in 2470 BE (1927) at the age of 78. Donors from Singapore & Malaysia had also contributed to the building of this shrine. Notice the curious- looking old Chinese fishermen guarding the shrine.

An odd looking chedi.. not sure which master's remains are inside.

This wiharn contain statues of the famous monks of Wat Kao Or.

The main altar inside the Bot.

This is the Katha to pay homage to holy Buddha relics.

The Standing Buddha statue outside the Bot. Around that area are many small chedis, so it should be a cemetery.

One of the resident kittens of Wat Kao Or. Cute isn't it?

Inside another wiharn where blessings are performed. Amulets are also sold there. Wat Kao Or used to have many interesting amulets and buchas available, but when I went there, there were nothing left to get except over-priced Jatukam stuff. It was disappointing & I had no choice but to leave the temple empty-handed. Hopefully the situation will improve when the Jatukam craze die down.


Burmese_Chocolate said...

Hi, I just want to know how much it cost to get to this temple? How much it cost to hire a driver. Thank you

Wayne Woo said...

3000-3500 baht to hire a driver for 1 day.

Wayne Woo said...

3000-3500 baht to hire a driver for 1 day.