Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ajarn Si Thep of Wat Perd Nimit

Ajarn Si Thep of Wat Perd Nimit is an upcoming young master in Pathum Thani who just started making amulets to raise funds for building a large Buddha statue "Luang Por Thong Sak" at his temple. He is also famous for his candle flame blessing to boost the luck of devotees.
The temple counter.
Ajarn talking to some female devotees.
The rest of the counters.
Ajarn applying Metta oil to the Kumanthep bucha I chowed.
Ajarn's Kuti.
The elaborate temple gate leading to the road.
Parting shot of the temple.


chan said...

Hi Bro Wayne, i don't know how to get kumanthep/amulets. I think, first we need to buy kumanthep/amulets in the shop, then the luang po blessed it, right? Thanks.

Wayne Woo said...

If they are from temple then no need to bless again.