Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Veteran HK actor returns as Black Butterfly

There's an article in Wanbao paper today regarding veteran HK actor Deng Guangrong returning to his house as a black butterfly 1 week after his passing away. Strangely the butterfly could understand what his daughters say and respond accordingly. Deng's wife was originally sceptical about the Chinese belief that the souls of the dead returning to visit their families after 7 days, but after experiencing this phenomena for herself, she had no choice but to be convinced.
Why do the dead souls take the form of insects or small animals like birds? Simply because it is the most convenient way to manifest themselves to their loved ones. The bodies of such small creatures are coarse and easily perceived, unlike their ghostly forms which cannot be perceived by ordinary humans. This also proves what the Tibetan Book of Bardo says is true: that the consciousness in the in-between has limited powers of transformation and teleportation at will. They can appear in any coarse form that they wish and be teleported to any place in the world. The only place they cannot pass is the Vajrasana, the seat of Lord Buddha's enlightenment in Bodhigaya. This is the place where only fully enlightened beings can enter - the blissful realm of complete cessation. Long and painful is the never-ending journey through the wheel of Samsara. Arising and passing away again and again in accordance with our karma, there is no place where one can remain for long. That's why we must seek the refuges of the Triple Gems within ourselves, whether in life or in death. Even the first fruit of sainthood is worth more than all the wealth, power and happiness in this world combined. For the fruit of sainthood opens the door to the Deathless, surpassing all the worldly things which must eventually crumple into dust. Who will accompany me on this Noble Path?

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