Thursday, May 05, 2011

Fengshui at Wat Khao Kut in Songkhla

The majestic view of Songkhla lake outside of the main Vihara at Wat Khao Kut. Looking at the 2 hills at the Dragon sector and vast expanse of water in the Pheonix sector, one can be assured that this hilltop temple will produce 2 great masters, one of which I believe is Ajarn Klang Saeng. Although there is no obvious Tiger, it does not matter since there are no women staying at the temple.
The Phra Buddha Nimit statue on the main altar. On the left of the Buddha is a LP Tuad statue.
Photo of the consecration ceremonies held here.
Ancient holy materials used for making the amulets.
On the left of the altar are golden statues of the great gurus LP Parn and LP Lingdam.
A shrine to Lersi Nakaraj (Naga King) outside of the Vihara. The katha is Namo Tassa (3x) followed by "Om Phrom Lersi Phaya Nak Nak Mat (9x)".
Exterior view of the shrine.

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