Monday, May 23, 2011

LP Boon of Wat Thung Hiang

LP Boon of Wat Thung Hiang is a well-known guru monk in Chonburi who has learned from many great masters like LP Suang, LP Promma and PT Klai. I went to visit this master to see what interesting stuff he has at the temple. Above we see the Phra Sivali and Mae Thoranee shrines.
The principal Buddha image in the Ubosot.
The bell tower.
The yet to be completed shrine to LP Thep Lok Udon, the legendary Arahant who lived since King Ashoka's era and is still alive somewhere in Thailand today. Only a special few who have affinity with LP Thep can find him. He is also the master of my master LP Jaran.
The minor Sala with various Buddha and Lersi statues.
The main Vihara.
The Phra Sangkachai shrine. The Sangkachai here is unique in Thailand as it is portrayed as eating from his bowl, instead of holding his belly or with 2 open palms like in other temples.
The altar in LP Boon's kuti with many Phra Chai buchas.
The Phra Chai Fon Sen Ha bucha I chowed from LP.
Passing to LP for him to rebless.
Having a last shot taken with LP.
The LP Thep Lok Udon bucha that I chowed. Very few temples in Thailand has it.
The Phra Chai Fon Sen Ha bucha.The LP Thep shrine was completed on my 2nd trip there.
Having a shot with LP Thep.
The completed Phra Chai Fon Sen Ha shrine.

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