Monday, September 19, 2011

Ajarn Sawai of Wat Phaksak

Ajarn Sawai is the senior disciple of LP Dit and the current abbot of Wat Phaksak in Pattalung province. LP Dit is one of the great guru monks of Pattalung along with Ajarn Kong and Ajarn Nam around 50 years ago. Above we see the altar inside AJ Sawai's kuti.
Photo shot of AJ Sawai, already in his 80s.
Portrait of LP Dit with AJ Kong and AJ Nam during the consecration ceremony at Wat Phaksak. AJ Sawai is in the background.
Having a shot taken with AJ.
Poster of the first batch of Sangkachai roops by LP Dit, co-chanted with AJ Kong and AJ Nam in 2483 (1940). I managed to chow 1 piece of this great amulet.
Article on the 2nd batch of SKC roops consecrated in 2504 (1961). It was also the final batch by LP Dit as he passed away in 2507 (1964).
And this is the poster of the Pidta roops chanted by AJ Sawai with AJ Kong and AJ Nam in 2516 (1973). AJ Kong and AJ Nam passed away soon after that.
Phra SKC roop 2504.
Phra Pidta roops 2516.

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