Friday, September 16, 2011

Wat Suwankiri in Songkhla

Wat Suwankiri in Songkhla province is the temple where 108 top guru monks from Southern Thailand gathered in 2505 to create the first Egg Pim LP Tuad amulets. At that time PT Kling was the abbot. Above we see the temple signboard.
Old Chedi built on a boulder.
Chinese style Pagoda.
Beside the Sema stone.
Phra Ruang statue in front of the Ubosot.
Side view of the Ubosot.
White bell tower.
View of the road leading to the temple.
Main altar in the Sala hall.
AJ Mongkon, the current abbot of Wat Suwankiri.
Having a shot taken with him.
The poster showing PT Klai, LP Chuang and PT Nuan here at Wat Suwankiri in 2505.
Phra Buddha Siwichai amulets consecrated at that time.
The famous Egg Pim LP Tuad amulets chowed from the temple.
They were also featured in the encyclopedia of early LP Tuad amulets.
Description of the guru monks involved, the diffferent pims and materials used.

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