Friday, September 30, 2011

LP Hock of Wat Thakam

LP Hock of Wat Thakam in Songkhla province was most famous for his 108 criminals' ash Phra Leela amulets created in 2506-2509 (1963-1966). It was one of the most special batch of Leela amulets in Thailand due to its content, and the effectiveness of this Leela amulet is still remembered by all collectors up to this day. The first batch had no inscriptions behind whereas the second batch had some Akaras inscribed behind. LP Hock passed away soon after making the second batch.
The temple gate of Wat Thakam. However Wat Thakam today is pretty much deserted save for a couple of young monks. There are also no amulets left in the temple.
The altar in the main Sala.
Phra Ruang statue.
Skeletal Buddha shrine under the Bodhi Tree.
Statues of 2 Jow Ngors carrying the temple bell.
The LP Hock shrine.
Walking around in the empty courtyard.
Statue of LP Hock in the shrine.

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