Friday, September 16, 2011

Sex Exorcism of Fake Fengshui master

Today there is a news report regarding an unemployed middle-aged man Luan Yujian in Hong Kong, who pretended to be a Fengshui master and sexually abused the teenage sister of his girlfriend in the pretext of exorcising the "ghosts" haunting her body. This took place over a period of 6 yrs, and Luan used many different threats and excuses to make the girl give in to his sexual demands, which includes oral sex to shut out evil spirits and anal sex to purge black magic etc.

Interestingly, this is but one of the string of religious conmen sex abuse cases that happens in HK every once in a while. HK may be a cosmopolitan Asian city, but much of the populace are generally still quite superstitious as well as ignorant when it comes to what is orthodox Fengshui, Taoism and Buddhism practices. It is this ignorance and superstition that give charlatans like Luan a chance to pretend to be some sort of master or priest to cheat people. And when those victims happen to be young women, they are almost sure to be sexually abused by these conmen. Of course, such cases happen in other Asian cities as well, but they are not as widely reported as those in HK and Taiwan.

When you talk about Fengshui, there is no part of the art that involves exorcising evil spirits. As for Taoism, the Maoshan school has many methods suitable for that purpose, as simple as drawing a 5-thunder talisman, burning it in a bowl of water and giving it to the victim to drink. Of course whether it works or not depends on the power of the practitioner. Buddhism also uses Mantras or Parittas to be chanted over a bowl of water to achieve the same purpose. Sacred instruments like Mit Mor, Mai Kru or even Takrut can be used in the same way. But certainly when anybody say that they need to use sex to exorcise demons you can be sure they are just lustful criminals, who know nothing of proper Wicha. It is quite ironic that modern people are all so smart in technology and worldly ways, yet totally ignorant when it comes to spiritual culture and traditions. If they are not educated accordingly, it won't be possible to reduce the number of such crimes happening.


I swear said...

Very bad karma by fake exorcist. The girl must have done something wrong to this fake exorcist in her past lives. Hope this vicious cycle ends now.

Lewis N. Clark said...

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