Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kids possessed after exploring haunted school

A couple of days ago there was a news report in Hong Kong regarding a bunch of kids who went to explore an old abandoned school in Yuen Long district, rumoured to be haunted. During the trek, some of the girls claimed they heard footsteps and saw 2 female ghosts, 1 red and 1 white. All of them ran out in panic and fled all the way to the Ping San train station. 3 of the girls fainted and when 1 of them woke up shortly after, she acted in a "possessed manner", strangling herself and biting a boy who tried to help her. The girls were later sent to the hospital.

The Mahayana Scripture "法苑珠林" says:
"When we talk about ghostly beings, know that they are those who are prone to evil and commit all sorts of unwholesome deeds in secret. They dwell in uninhabited places like rocks, caves, cliffs, pits, wilderness and forests."

Uninhabited places like abandoned buildings are a magnet for invisible lower-realm beings, because they are places closest to the frequency of the ghosts. They are dirty, dark, damp and lifeless, conditions most suitable for beings with very coarse minds. When these ghosts reside in such places, they are bound by their own negative karma and will remain in their own suffering till their ghostly lifespan runs out. Being deeply attached with strong craving, they certainly don't like to be intruded on, especially by humans. These HK kids like to look for adventure in haunted buildings, but what they find is just trouble too much for them to handle. Intruding into such places without any purpose or protection is certainly a foolish hobby. The girls are lucky that they only fainted with fright; they could very well become mad in serious cases of possession. These girls who bumped into ghosts have been tainted with much negative Chi in them and probably need to be cleansed with holy water for their own good.

When Buddhist monks past by those uninhabited places in their tudong travels, or have to reside in them temporarily, the custom is to first radiate loving kindness to the invisible beings there, before reciting a protective katha like the Atanatiya Paritta, Itipiso or Chinabanchon. This is out of respect for the ghosts or deities staying there before them. As such, these beings usually just leave them in peace. If they are rude and heedless, won't they also not end up like these foolish kids?

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