Monday, November 21, 2011

LP Nuam of Wat Po Sijaren

LP Nuam of Wat Po Sijaren in Suphanburi province is an old guru monk famous his special Wealth and Metta amulets. When we arrived at the temple we were greeted by this King Naresuan shrine with many Rooster statues as his guardians.
The Drum Pavilion.
The main Sala.
The cremation hall.
The monks' quarters.
The Ubosot with a very nice Naga perimeter wall.
The Mondop where the temple counter is.
LP Nuam blessing the 3 pairs of Fighting Fish buchas that I chowed.
A shot taken with the 91 yrs old master.
The special Fighting Fish roops which is said to be able to swim during the consecration.
The Nawa shell Khun Paen with old Bang Krang powder behind.

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