Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wat Ampawan miraculously untouched by the floods

The Dhammapada says:

"Even the Devas hold dear the Noble One,
whose senses are subdued like horses
well trained by a charioteer,
whose pride is destroyed and
who is free from the cankers."

Just heard from my friend who went for a 9-day Vipassana retreat at Wat Ampawan in Singburi 2 weeks ago that the temple somehow remained mostly dry, despite being situated just beside the Chao Phraya river. Most of the province is seriously flooded and even villages nearby the temple are still under water today, yet miraculously the flood waters did not affect Wat Ampawan much. There was still food and water readily available and the practitioners inside could continue with their meditation without any problems.

Why does the flood waters not overwhelm the temple? There are 3 reasons:
1) The Barami of LP Jaran - having completely purified his mind, he is respected by both the Water and Earth Devas, who commanded the waters not to enter his temple.
2) The Practitioners themselves - practicing Vipassana earnestly, they are protected by the Dhamma. The great flood is an outer manifestation of the inner craving of sentient beings, which has accumulated to an unstoppable level. Yet when it is arrested by the power of mindfulness, the waters of craving can find no way to enter.
3) The many Devadas residing there - having gained great merit from LP and the others, they have vowed to be guardian deities for the temple. As such they keep the temple dry and unharassed. They also ensure that there will always be a constant supply of daily necessities for everyone.

This is also a live testament telling us that the gates of the Deathless are still open at Wat Ampawan. If one wishes to see the end of suffering in this life, one should head there to sincerely support and practice meditation. Anumodana Sadhu!


I swear said...

Amazing that Wat Ampawan was not flooded. The Wat is right next to the river and I would expect it to be among the first to be flooded.

Yes, LP Jarun is the most serene person I have ever met. I do not know which level he reached but certainly very very highly attained.

fred said...

If you have read the series of books about his life by Sudassa Onkhom then you will be certain he is Arahant.
I also assumed that his temple would have been affected by the floods. I started going there to learn Vipassana about 18 years ago after reading her first book translated into English 'Fruit of Karma'.