Wednesday, November 30, 2011

San Jao Por Lak Meung of Suphanburi

San Jao Por Lak Meung is the largest Chinese temple in Suphanburi province, comparable to the Nezha temple in Chonburi. It has many rich supporters and devotees who make it into some sort of a theme park cum temple. Above we see the temple gate with twin dragons above.
Large fountain in the courtyard, obviously for Fengshui purposes.
The joss paper furnace built into a pagoda shape.
The beautiful 7-storey Pagoda.
Statue of Guan Gong.
Giant Dragon statue which holds a Chinese cultural museum below.
The 9-dragon Mural behind the main shrine.
Inside the main shrine is the twin stone tablet of Jao Por Lak Meung, which is interestingly worshipped as a stone god 石本头公 by the Chinese.
Incense urns outside the shrine.
The side gate.
Full view of the Giant Dragon spewing water statue from the carpark.
Jao Por Lak Meung bucha made from roof tile material. Actually they resemble Tao Wessuwan and Phra Narai, Devas usually depicted as guarding the Ubosot doors in Thai temples.

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