Tuesday, November 01, 2011

LP Suk of Wat Pah Wai

LP Suk of Wat Pah Wai in Singburi province is an old guru monk who has recently come out with an excellent batch of Kring amulets to build up the temple. Above we see the main altar in LP Suk's kuti.
Poster of this batch of Kring "Soot Yod Puttakun".
Poster of last year's "Jaren Suk" batch of amulets.
A shot taken with LP Suk.
Respecting LP before taking my leave.
Pidta Yant Yung from Jaren Suk batch.
Roop Sangkachai from the same batch.
The number of guru monks who help to bless the Soot Yod Puttakun batch of Krings.
3 of the 16 Pims of Krings available for this batch.

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