Tuesday, November 08, 2011

PT Wan of Wat Lorn

Wat Lorn in Pattalung province is the temple of PT Wan, one of the top guru monks of the South in the 60s and 70s. He was one of the 108 monks who consecrated the 2505 batch of LP Tuad at Wat Suwankiri. Above we see the temple gate.
Billboard asking for donations to build the Ubosot.
Statues of past white-robe Ajarns of Wat Lorn, disciples of PT Wan. Pattalung has a strong magical tradition originating from Wat Kao Or.
Statue of PT Wan in the shrine.
Golden-white Chedi of PT Wan.
Shrine to LP Tuad, Somdej Toh and PT Klai.
The main Sala.
The altar in the abbot's kuti.
Ajarn Nipon, the current abbot and grand disciple of PT Wan performing Lersi Krop Sian blessing on me.
It is done on both front and back.
Drawing Yant on forehead.
Portrait of the 2505 consecration ceremony at Wat Suwankiri in Songkhla province.
AJ Nipon doing the candle wax pulling blessing ceremony.
He has to chant with his Lersi Mitmor while pulling the wax.
A shot taken with AJ. Behind him is the portrait of PT Wan.
Newly built PT Wan statue.
Chinese style Sangkachai (Maitreya) statue.
Phra Sivali statue.

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