Friday, November 25, 2011

LP Purachet of Wat Suwannaki

Wat Suwannaki in Suphanburi province is the temple of LP Purachet, an upcoming monk specializing in spirit amulets. He has learned from Lersi masters as well as famous ones such as Kruba Baeng and Kruba Kitsana. Above we see the Ubosot.
Banner advertising the consecration of Lek Lai by LP Purachet 2 years ago. It was reported on Thai TV channel 5.
A large Bodhi Tree in the courtyard.
The cremation hall.
The main Sala.
Mae Hong Prai in a small coffin kept by LP. Some offerings of cosmetics and a mirror can be seen.
Main altar in LP's kuti.
LP reblessing the KMT and other amulets that I chowed.
A shot taken with LP.
Hoonpayon amulets soaked in oil. There are bone fragments embedded below.
Very unique looking KMT bucha.

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