Saturday, May 15, 2010

Visit to AJ Pachuab's house

Group photo taken with the famous Ajarn Pachuab, the successor of the late Ajarn Khun Phan. Now he is the No 1 white-robe master in Pattalung and Southern Thailand. One of our members was there to go through a luck changing ritual. The rest of us just took a flower bath at AJ's house.
The main altar inside AJ's house. The Jatukam altar is at the side.
One of the member's Jatukam bucha at AJ house. He left it here to do the gold plating and consecration by AJ.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Completed Chedi at Wat Sampowchey

Finally the Chedi at Wat Sampowchey, Pattani has been completed. It took a quite a few years to build!
The famous Phra Buddha Toh Hak statue of this temple, now gold plated.

Video of the amulet shop at Wat Sampowchey, Pattani. Some armed soldiers are stationed here to guard the temple from insurgents.
Behind me is the statue of LP Thong's master, LP Tuad Non.
The full view of the altar.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meeting AJ Daeng at Wat Rai

Video of Ajarn Daeng Wat Rai, Pattani performing the flower bath ritual for a local boy. He was talking about making a trip to HK to meet the devotees there. Although I've come here a couple of times, this is my first time meeting him at the temple itself.
The large LP Tuad statue in front of AJ's kuti.
AJ giving me a blessing on the top of my head.
Having a group photo taken with AJ Daeng.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Ajarn Prasoot of Wat Naidao

A video of the surroundings at the cave temple Wat Naidao, Trang. This is the temple of the famous Ajarn Prasoot, who has learned Wicha from from great guru monks. He has recently been promoted to the rank of Phra Kru.

Video of the cave interior of Wat Naidao, Trang. Ajarn Prasoot is about to have his midday meal when we arrived there. The devotees are gathered there to wait for his blessing after their food offering.

Video of Ajarn Prasoot magically blowing 3 pieces of gold foil into my forehead. This blessing is for Metta and good luck. A maximum of 9 pieces of gold foil can be used.
Bird-head Lersi statue beside the main altar. He is called "Kru Mor Lek".
The 3 Buddha statues of the main altar.
A shot of the back of the cave. It leads all the way the back of the hill.