Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Veteran HK actor returns as Black Butterfly

There's an article in Wanbao paper today regarding veteran HK actor Deng Guangrong returning to his house as a black butterfly 1 week after his passing away. Strangely the butterfly could understand what his daughters say and respond accordingly. Deng's wife was originally sceptical about the Chinese belief that the souls of the dead returning to visit their families after 7 days, but after experiencing this phenomena for herself, she had no choice but to be convinced.
Why do the dead souls take the form of insects or small animals like birds? Simply because it is the most convenient way to manifest themselves to their loved ones. The bodies of such small creatures are coarse and easily perceived, unlike their ghostly forms which cannot be perceived by ordinary humans. This also proves what the Tibetan Book of Bardo says is true: that the consciousness in the in-between has limited powers of transformation and teleportation at will. They can appear in any coarse form that they wish and be teleported to any place in the world. The only place they cannot pass is the Vajrasana, the seat of Lord Buddha's enlightenment in Bodhigaya. This is the place where only fully enlightened beings can enter - the blissful realm of complete cessation. Long and painful is the never-ending journey through the wheel of Samsara. Arising and passing away again and again in accordance with our karma, there is no place where one can remain for long. That's why we must seek the refuges of the Triple Gems within ourselves, whether in life or in death. Even the first fruit of sainthood is worth more than all the wealth, power and happiness in this world combined. For the fruit of sainthood opens the door to the Deathless, surpassing all the worldly things which must eventually crumple into dust. Who will accompany me on this Noble Path?

Monday, May 23, 2011

LP Boon of Wat Thung Hiang

LP Boon of Wat Thung Hiang is a well-known guru monk in Chonburi who has learned from many great masters like LP Suang, LP Promma and PT Klai. I went to visit this master to see what interesting stuff he has at the temple. Above we see the Phra Sivali and Mae Thoranee shrines.
The principal Buddha image in the Ubosot.
The bell tower.
The yet to be completed shrine to LP Thep Lok Udon, the legendary Arahant who lived since King Ashoka's era and is still alive somewhere in Thailand today. Only a special few who have affinity with LP Thep can find him. He is also the master of my master LP Jaran.
The minor Sala with various Buddha and Lersi statues.
The main Vihara.
The Phra Sangkachai shrine. The Sangkachai here is unique in Thailand as it is portrayed as eating from his bowl, instead of holding his belly or with 2 open palms like in other temples.
The altar in LP Boon's kuti with many Phra Chai buchas.
The Phra Chai Fon Sen Ha bucha I chowed from LP.
Passing to LP for him to rebless.
Having a last shot taken with LP.
The LP Thep Lok Udon bucha that I chowed. Very few temples in Thailand has it.
The Phra Chai Fon Sen Ha bucha.The LP Thep shrine was completed on my 2nd trip there.
Having a shot with LP Thep.
The completed Phra Chai Fon Sen Ha shrine.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nezha Temple in Chonburi

Clip of the majestic pavilions in the courtyard of the Nezha Temple in Chonburi. This must be one of the grandest Chinese temples in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Clip of the main hall inside the Nezha temple.
The Temple Gate.
The high Dragon Pillar that reach to the sky.
Mahayana monks chanting Sutras inside the main hall at the request of some devotees.
The bell tower. This bronze bell is many times bigger than a man!
Billboard outside with an introduction about this temple, which is quite a tourist attraction here.
Nezha lockets I chowed at the temple.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wat Angsila in Chonburi

Wat Angsila is the temple of Chaokun Sri, the famous top guru monk of Chonburi many decades ago. There were many well known Pidta amulets made during that time. Above we see the Chiang Saen Buddha statue in the minor Sala.
The main Sala.
The bride across the pond in front of the Sala.
The Ubosot.
The side Vihara.
Chaokun Sri's Chedi.
The main Vihara.
The Rahu shrine.
Phra Sivali shrine.
Having a shot taken with the current abbot, LP Poonsap. He kindly gave us free Pidta amulets after learning we are visitors from Singapore.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wat Tonson in Ang Thong

Clip of the principal Buddha statue of Wat Tonson in Ang Thong. It is called "Somdej Phra Si Meung Thong", but actually it is a replica of the famous Phra Buddha Chinaraj.
The temple gate.
Another large outdoor Buddha statue.
Entrance leading to the main Vihara.
Close-up shot of Somdej Phra Si.
Large billboard advertising the temple.
A beautiful Mondop.
Replica building of the Mahabodhi Chedi at Bodhigaya.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Undecaying body of LP Tim Wat Phra Khao

I passed by Wat Phra Khao and saw that they already set up a Vihara to house LP Tim's undecaying body. Above we see his life-like wax statue and the glass casket with his body behind.
A closer shot of the body.
2 pieces of his final batch Khun Paen amulets that I chowed.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ajarn Si Thep of Wat Perd Nimit

Ajarn Si Thep of Wat Perd Nimit is an upcoming young master in Pathum Thani who just started making amulets to raise funds for building a large Buddha statue "Luang Por Thong Sak" at his temple. He is also famous for his candle flame blessing to boost the luck of devotees.
The temple counter.
Ajarn talking to some female devotees.
The rest of the counters.
Ajarn applying Metta oil to the Kumanthep bucha I chowed.
Ajarn's Kuti.
The elaborate temple gate leading to the road.
Parting shot of the temple.