Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jao Poo Sam Roi Yod of Wat Sam Roi Yod

Jao Poo Sam Roi Yod is the mountain god of Sam Roi Yod mountain in Prachuab Kirikan province. The Chinese style shrine (seen above) is located inside Wat Sam Roi Yod temple. As we know this is the mountain that produces many wonderous stone relics (Hin Phra That) of great energy.
The large incense urn in front of the shrine.
Statue of Jao Poo Sam Roi Yod.
Statue of Sun Wukong and Guanyin beside Jao Poo.
Board explaining the origins of this mountain god.
The Wiharn of Wat Sam Roi Yod.
Buddha statue inside the Wiharn.
LP Pricha, the previous abbot of this temple who passed away in BE 2531.
The Ubosot.
The monks' quarters.
Mondop worshipping the Buddha's relics.
Long hall in the middle.
Large stone relic statues at the shops beneath the mountain.
Altar to Jao Poo in one of the shops.
Rare white stone relic chanting beads.
Beautiful stone relic Somdej amulets.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

LP Tuad of Wat Huay Mongkon

Video taken at the temple.
Wat Huay Mongkon in Hua Hin, Prachuab Kirikan province is famous for its giant LP Tuad statue and amulets. It is very much a tourist attraction for locals and foreigners alike.
Statue of LP Tuad riding a 3-headed elephant.
Half Buddha-head. The temple intend to gather funds for another big Buddha statue.
LP Tuad buchas inside the temple shop.
Poster of a previous batch of Rian LP Tuad Hua Toh.
Statues of LP Sotorn and LP Tuad inside the main Sala.
Statues of LP Parn and LP Lersi Lingdam.
Photos of HM the Queen visiting the temple during its opening several years ago.
Shrine of LP Samrit, said to be a 400yrs old Buddha statue.
Giantic LP Tuad amulets for worship.
Jatukam statues beside the LP Tuad.
Billboard showing last year's batch of LP Tuad amulets. AJ Pairot the abbot of Wat Huay Mongkon headed the consecration ceremony.
LP Tuad 2" bucha from last year's batch.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

LP Lae of Wat Prasong

LP Lae of Wat Prasong in Petchaburi province is perhaps the top guru monk for making Hanuman amulets in recent times. The fame of his Hanuman spread far and wide, to Singapore and Malaysia. LP passed away fews years ago in 2551. Above we see the Ubosot of the temple.
The Singha guardians outside LP's Kuti.
Bronze statue of LP in front of the kuti.
Hanuman statue beside the gate.
Photos of LP and his special bucha.
Paying respect to LP's undecaying body inside the kuti.
Chart showing the guru masters that LP learned from.
The main altar.
LP used to lie on this bed during his final days.
Hanuman Tod Nam bucha.
8-armed Hanuman roop.

Monday, July 09, 2012

LP Khao Takrao of Wat Khao Takrao

Wat Khao Takrao in Petchaburi province houses LP Khao Takrao, one of the 3 Buddha brothers that floated down the Chao Phraya river long ago. This is a Buddha statue in the posture of Manwichai or Subduing Mara. Above we see the hilltop Vihara and the billboard of abbot LP Thongsuk.
The altar inside the hilltop Vihara.
The LP Tuad statue outside the Vihara.
Donation box for coffin.
Stairs leading to the Chedis.
The Ubosot.
Billboard of the 3 Buddha brothers LP Khao Takrao, LP Ban Laem and LP Sotorn.
The statue of LP Khao Takrao up close.
Display cabinet of old amulets from this temple.
Katha to worship LP Khao Takrao.
Side entrance of the LP Khao Takrao Vihara.
Monks' quarters.
Guanyin shrine near the entrance.
LP Khao Takrao 5" bucha.
Phra Somdej Sadung Glab 2539.