Monday, November 26, 2012

AJ Perm of Wat Khao Rae

AJ Perm of Wat Khao Rae in Lopburi province is a young master who specializes in Rae Lek Lai amulets. This is a video of the surroundings there. As we can see it is still not developed.
The bell tower still under construction.
Sala yet to be built.
AJ Perm's Kuti.
Photo of AJ receiving making an offering to Somdej Kaew, the vice Sangharaj.
Deva and Lersi altar.
Altar with Nakprok, LP Tuad and Somdej Toh.
AJ Perm reblessing the amulets I chow on my 2nd trip there.
A shot taken with AJ.
9 Maha Thep 9 Arahan amulet made from Rae Lek Lai.
Somdej Rae Lek Lai.

Monday, November 19, 2012

AJ Wat of Wat Telat Mai

AJ Wat of Wat Telat Mai in Ang Thong province is the disciple of LP Sam, who was the previous abbot. This AJ has consecrated many types of mainstream amulets to gather temple funds. Above we see the catalog.
The Ubosot.
AJ Wat's kuti.
Billboard showing the popular amulets.
Main altar inside the kuti.
Last 2 biagae in the temple.
Dual purpose Takrut Don.

LP Pon of Wat Thung Nari

LP Pon of Wat Thung Nari in Pattalung province is another upcoming guru monk of the Kao Or lineage. He is gaining recognition in Southern Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore as a master with great wicha and Metta.

The temple gate.
However when I visited, LP was not around. We can see various banners of the amulets blessed by him.
Dhamma Hall still under construction.
LP's kuti.
Banner of a recent batch of amulets.
The empty Sala.

Monday, November 12, 2012

LP Hoon of Wat Bang Peung

LP Hoon of Wat Bang Peung in Chachengsao province is a 95 yrs old guru monk who recently came out with a batch of amulets to help renovate his temple.
Main altar with LP Sotorn statue inside LP Hoon's kuti.
LP reblessing the amulets that I chowed.
LP's signature twin takrut, Takrut Faek Koo Chiwit.
His Khun Paen amulets.

LP Toh of Wat Bang Pi Yai

Video of devotees inside the LP Toh Bang Pi Vihara.
LP Toh of Wat Bang Pi Yai in Samut Prakan province is one of the 5 mystical Buddha statues that floated down the Chao Phraya river long ago. It is a popular temple with many devotees coming to pray daily. Above we see the grand Chedi in the courtyard.
Statue of the past abbot.
Various gold plated Buddha statues inside the Side Vihara.
Sangkachai statue and Buddha Footprint outside the Vihara.
Poo Chiwok shrine under the large Bodhi tree.
Devotees pasting gold foil on LP Toh's statue.
Display board detailing the history of LP Toh coming to this place.
Replica statue outside the Vihara.
Phra Pikanet and Rahu shrines.
1.5" mini bucha of LP Toh.
New Phra Kring LP Toh.