Monday, June 24, 2013

LP Gliang of Wat Nern Suttawat

LP Gliang of Wat Nern Suttawat in Chonburi is a 96yrs old guru monk who is one of the top living master for Hanuman amulets today.
The side vihara for the previous abbot.
The temple counter.
Monday Buddha or Phra Pang Ham Yat statue.
Reclining Buddha statue inside the side hall.
Mother of pearl murals.
LP Wichian statue. He was one of LP Gliang's masters.
Buddha statue behind LP Wichian.
Phra Chinaraj Buddha in front of the Ubosot.
Lersi Gelaigot wax statue.
Lersi Gelaigot katha.
Main chedi in the temple.
Flying Hanuman roops.
Hanuman waving flag roops.