Monday, December 26, 2011

LP Nak of Wat Huay Jorake

LP Nak of Wat Huay Jorake in Nakhon Pathom province is another one of the old-time guru monks who specialized in powerful Pidta amulets. His old Pidta are among the top 5 most highly prized Pidta amulets in Thailand. Above we see the LP Nak shrine in the temple.
Poster of LP Nak and his 6-armed Pidta amulets.
Poster of the 111th aniversary batch of Pidta made in 2551.
One of the last 2 sets of Pidta from the above batch left in the temple. They are of Mekapat material.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Plan to build the biggest U-Thong Buddha in the world

Wat Palelai plans to build the largest U-Thong Buddha statue in the world inside Suphanburi province, and has came out with a batch of amulets and images to raise funds. Above we see the promotional poster.
A model of the planned statue in the temple.
5" U-Thong Buddha bucha which I chowed from this batch.