Wednesday, October 24, 2012

LP Chitisan of Wat Khao Krai Lak

LP Chitisan of Wat Khao Krai Lak, Suphanburi province, is a meditation monk living deep in the remote hills. It took an hour to travel from the main road to reach this temple hidden in this rural area. Above we see the main altar inside the Sala. 
The side altar worships various Devas and Lersis.
Relics of past guru monks as well as a statue of LP Thep Lok Udon carved out of Hin Phra That.
Large palakit as well as the statue of LP's mystical master, Lersi Trai Lok. It is said this Bodhisatta Lersi lives in the cave of Khao Krai Lak and only appears to LP Chitisan in his meditation.
LP blessing the items I chowed.
A shot taken with him.
Soi Takrut Sangwan Phra Int or the breast chain of Indra.
Takrut Mongkon Jakkawan.

Wat Rangman in Nakhon Pathom

Wat Rangman in Nakhon Pathom is the temple where LP Paew is staying, but it is hard to see him these days as he only meets devotees once a week. Above we see the signboard outside the temple.
The bell and drum tower.
Monks chanting inside the Ubosot.
External view of the Ubosot.
Statue of Somdej Phra Pathom.
The exterior wall. There are many Rians of LP Paew for chow there but all are quite expensive.

Monday, October 15, 2012

LP Wirat of Wat Kok Samrong

LP Wirat of Wat Kok Samrong, Ang Thong province is a guru monk specializing in various takruts. Above we see the Ubosot.
The large Bodhi Tree with various small Chedis below.
Altar in the main Sala.
Statue of LP Wirat's master.
A shot with LP.
His very effective Maha Prab takruts.
The unique Phakod Phaya Panwang.

Monday, October 08, 2012

LP Yuang of Wat Natangnai

Wat Natangnai in Ayuttaya province is the temple of LP Yuang, another major disciple of LP Jong Wat Natangnok. It is located just behind Wat Natangnok. Above we see the temple gate.
The Ubosot.
Cremation hall.
LP Jong Vihara.
Statue of LP Jong blessing devotees with his index finger.
Main altar in the Vihara.
Wax statue of LP Jong when he passed away, worshipped in a glass casket.
Taking a shot with LP Yuang.
New Roop Meun medals of LP Jong.
Pajjeka Buddha bowl amulets, made from coconut husk.