Saturday, June 18, 2011

PT Plad of Wat Kok Sung

Wat Kok Sung in Songkhla province is the temple of the late PT Plad, a well-known guru monk who specialized in Kongkapan items as well as LP Tuad amulets. Above we see the temple counter.
The inner altar of the Sala.
The Lersi shrine.
The Jatukam shrine.
The impressive Ubosot.
The PT Plad Vihara, where his undecaying body is displayed.
PT Plad's life-like statue in front of the glass casket, contributed by foreign devotees.
The Pikanet shrine behind the temple gate.
Statues depicting Lord Buddha subduing the bandit Angulimala with his supernormal powers.
The Phra Prom shrine.
The recent batch of Khun Paen buchas made by the temple. This is the last piece there.
Also the new KMT buchas which have been mixed with LP Hok Wat Thakam's old Phra Leela powder.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

LP Sakorn of Wat Nong Grab

LP Sakorn of Wat Nong Grab, Rayong is perhaps the most prominent of LP Tim's disciples. His temple is just as famous as Wat Lahanrai. It was not difficult to see that it is very rich as well. Above we see the beautiful Mondop.
The Chedi behind the Ubosot.
LP Sakorn's grand kuti.
The Sangkachai shrine.
The temple shop.
Poster of the range of amulets consecrated by LP Sakorn.
The main altar inside LP Sakorn's kuti. As we can see the main Buddha is a golden Phra Kring statue!
LP Sakorn's standing potrait.
The Chuchok statue. But unfortunately we did not get to meet LP Sakorn as he was resting upstairs.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

LP Tim of Wat Lahanrai

As all of us know, the late LP Tim of Wat Lahanrai was the most famous guru monk of Rayong who created the first Khun Paen Prai Kuman and Phra Kring Chinabanchon amulets, respected in the whole of Thailand. He is nothing less than a legend here in Rayong province, with many prominent disciples. Above we see the shrine room with his wax statue. The temple counter. There are only 3" bucha of LP Tim and some amulets blessed by his disciples available here. Poster showing the range of amulets created by LP Tim in his lifetime. All those amulets are highly valued in Thailand until today. The range of Khun Paen Prai Kuman amulets, perhaps the most representative of them all. The main Sala. A large outdoor LP Sotorn Buddha statue. The LP Tim Vihara. Gate to the Sala with a Pidta Yant Yung statue. The Ubosot. The main altar inside the Ubosot. The Phra Kring Chinabanchon statue. In the middle of the statue is the highly prized Phra Kring Chinabanchon amulet by LP Tim. The Chedi that is still under construction. The side Vihara. A parting shot of the standing LP Tim statue.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

LP Pin of Wat Yang Ngam

I went to Wat Yang Ngam in Rayong to meet LP Pin, hoping to see some of those famous KP and Owl amulets that he consecrated. But I was disappointed as there is none in the temple. LP said he only have 1 piece of copper rian with him. Later I learned this was not his temple, and he was originally from Wat Klong Wai Pong. He left that temple to stay here due to problems with the committee members. So in Wat Yang Ngam, LP just minded his own business and let other people run the show. The half-built Ubosot of the temple. The bare Vihara. Despite being run-down, things were generally still neat there.