Friday, September 21, 2012

Giant LP Liu Statue plated with gold

The giant LP Liu statue in Wat Rai Daeng Thong, Nakhon Pathom, has been plated with gold foil on my 2nd trip there.
Front view of the temple gate.
Map of the locality.
Phaya Dao Reuan Katha.
Buddha and Arahant statues in front of the LP Liu Vihara.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LP Reuang of Wat Khao Sam Yod

LP Reuang of Wat Khao Sam Yod is one of the top guru monks of Lopburi famed for his meditation powers and wicha. However he is very old now (90 plus yrs) and has been bedridden for quite some time.
One of the many turkeys roaming around in the temple.
And the roosters.
Kutis of the monks.
The meeting hall.
Phra Pikanet altar inside LP's kuti.
The main altar with many Jade Buddha statues.
LP lying unconscious on the bed inside his room.
Mother of pearl Phra Kan from the temple.
Jade Somdej blessed by LP.
Jade Buddha roops.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Biography of Ven Master Xuyun

20-part biographical series on Ven Master Xuyun (1840-1959), the greatest Chan master of China in the previous century. Very interesting to watch. It shows the kind of superhuman willpower and endurance that is required to become an enlightened master, a modern day Patriarch in Chan Buddhism.

LP Kob of Wat Khao Salika

LP Kob of Wat Khao Salika in Lopburi province is the master of LP Opasi. Although they have never met in person, it was LP Kob who taught LP Opasi (through telepathy) the Fire Kasina method of meditation, by concentrating the mind on a candle flame to attain Jhana. LP Kob was also eccentric on the outside but highly attained on the inside.
Above we see the temple gate of Wat Khao Salika.
The main altar inside the LP Kob Vihara. The red cross with a flame in the centre is the symbol of both LP Kob and LP Opasi.
Side altar.
The Sangkachai shrine.
External view of the Vihara.
LP Kob statue in the courtyard.
The boat shrine in front of the Vihara.
Chedi of LP Kob.
Altar inside the boat shrine. Unfortunately there was nothing to chow in the temple.

Monday, September 10, 2012

LP Suwan of Wat Yang

LP Suwan of Wat Yang in Ang Thong province is a master famous for his mineral and fossil stone amulets. Besides that he also has a wide variety of items including Mitmor and takruts. Above we see the temple gate.
Billboard of LP Suwan's amulets beside the Ubosot.
Large Bodhi Tree.
The main Sala.
Guanyin and 8 Immortals shrine, probably built by Chinese devotees.
The bell tower.
Cremation chamber.
LP's kuti and temple shop.
Phra Isuan (Shiva) shrine.
LP's blessing table.
LP Suwan blessing my buchas for me.
Pet Natang mineral amulets.
Blessed wood fossil stone amulets.

Monday, September 03, 2012

LP Saithong of Wat Bot

LP Saithong of Wat Bot in Ayuttaya province is one of the top disciples of LP Doo and LP See Wat Sakae, who specializes in making Phra Prom amulets and various powerful takruts. He is considered the top 4 masters of Phra Prom amulets in Thailand today. Above we see the temple gate.
The main Vihara.
The cremation hall.
We see LP Saithong chatting with devotees in the main Sala.
Potraits of LP.
Lersi and Mae Thorani buchas available for chow.
The altar in the Sala.
LP blessing my Phra Narai buchas.
LP drawing Yants on the Rians that I chowed.
Some of the Phra Prom Rians.
Takrut Maha Prab, one of his famous takruts.