Monday, April 23, 2012

Ajarn Klai of Wat Tham Talot

The wide cave of Wat Tham Talot, Songkhla province, has meditation chambers and pools to collect the dripping cool mountain water.
Ajarn  Klai is the abbot of Wat Tham Talot, Songkhla province. He has recently been promoted to Phra Kru rank. Wat Tham Talot is an interesting mountain temple with many caves to explore.
Arriving at the temple.
The Abbot's Kuti.
The Sala with the temple counter.
The cave behind.
A row of Buddha statues in the cave.
Lersi shrine inside the cave.
Stairs leading to one of the meditation chambers.
A strange rock formation along the path behind the cave.
This tree is twisted like a Naga.
Back windows of the meditation chamber.
Crude skull drawings on the cave wall, probably used for meditation.
Tao Wessuwan statue outside the next cave.
Human faces seen on the rock face. Not sure whether they're carved by someone or naturally formed.
Shrines inside the cave, which has a wet floor.
A strange frog-like rock formation, worshipped as a lucky animal.
Another 2 human like rock formations, said to be inhabited by a Muslim Datuk and his son.
Altar of the small Sala.
Inside the Main Sala.
Parting shot of the eating hall before leaving the temple. Not much to chow at the temple however.

Monday, April 16, 2012

LP Kaew blessing devotees outside his Kuti

LP Kaew blessing devotees outside his Kuti at Wat Sapan Maiken, Songkhla province. He has just finished consecrating a new batch of Rian LP Tuad Sema and Rian Somdej. However he got tired after a while and went back inside. Old age is catching up to him.
Banner of the Rian LP Tuad Sema (Hua Toh), Boonyarit batch.
The table and chair where LP Kaew was supposed to sit.
Statue of the previous abbot of Wat Sapan Maiken.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

LP Yee of Wat Sattahip

LP Yee of Wat Sattahip (2408-2490BE) was the top guru monk of Chonburi province in the pre-WW2 era, most renowned for his Wicha knowledge and making powerful Palakits. He had a few prominent disciples, like LP Tee of Wat Huchang who is still alive today. Above we see the devotees outside the LP Yee Vihara.
The temple counter.
The main altar and LP Yee statue inside the Vihara.
The grand LP Yee Chedi.
Display cabinet with LP Sotorn and old LP Yee buchas.
Mural and statue of LP Yee inside the Chedi.
Portrait of LP Yee and his old Rians.
Outside the Ubosot. There was a temple fair going on when I was there and the place was packed with visitors.
One of the temple gates.
Light tower monument outside the temple.
Black coral Palakits from the current abbot Phra Kru Sattakun.
Roops of Kromluang Chumpon, Founder of the Thai Navy. Sattahip district had an important naval base established by Prince Chumpon.

Monday, April 02, 2012

LP Thon of Wat Khao Noi

LP Thon of Wat Khao Noi Kiriwan, Chonburi province is an 89 yrs old guru monk who has a wide range of wicha knowledge. Seeing that he has blessed many types of amulets over the years, I decided to go have a look. The temple itself is built on a small hill, thus the name "Khao Noi".
Above we see the well decorated Ubosot.
The monks' quarters. Below is the temple counter.
One of the temple gates.
Book of LP Thon's amulets, as well as photo of him when he went for tudong travels.
Various golden Buddha statues in the new Vihara.
Main altar in the Sala.
LP Thon Vihara.
The old drum tower.
Main temple gate.
Golden Chedi beside the gate.
Wua Tanoo amulets of LP Thon.
Unique Kring Prok Po amulets.